Myrtle Beach to our first anchorage

 We spent two cold and windy days in Myrtle Beach to wait out the wind. When we left Saturday morning the wind had died down, but the first few miles were through the “rock pile”, which is music to boaters ears. But it was high tide and all of the traffic was southbound, so we were fine. 

We traveled down the pretty Waccamaw River and on to Georgetown. Harborwalk Marina is in the historic downtown in one of South Carolina’s oldest cities. We bought shrimp off the boat, found a bakery and candy shop, but got in too late to visit the rice museum…maybe on the way back north. We recognized several southbound boats that we’ve been with at other stops along the way, including several from Maryland. 

We left Georgetown with a shorter day planned and the weather was beautiful. Pelicans were swimming by out boat but took off when I took their picture! We headed down the ICW and decided to anchor out, since it was 72 and sunny. We anchored in a creek that was wide and calm and so close to the ocean that we could take the dinghy. We ate the shrimp for dinner and had a wonderful night on the hook. 

Next stop…Charleston.