26 days...815 nautical miles...winter in Jacksonville, FL

We left Jekyll Island with no wind and calm seas, which was great since we had to cross St. Andrew's inlet, which can be difficult with even the slightest breeze. But the water was glass as we went through the inlet and passed Cumberland Island, GA, which needs future exploring.

We arrived in Fernandina Beach, FL and found another charming town along the ICW...and the same cruise ship we saw in Norfolk and the narrow cut before Beaufort, SC. Sitting on the dock, someone knocked on our door and it was a couple from our old marina in Galesville, MD who recognized our boat (it does help to have a unique name!). We joined them for drinks and had a lovely time.

With 44 miles left to go to our winter slip in Jacksonville, we left Fernandina Beach on December 2, 2021...26 days after we left Oxford, MD. We are within 4 miles of our new marina and we had to wait for a train to cross! So close, but it's the kind of bridge that a kayak won't fit under! The St. John River is wide and beautiful, once you get past the industrial cargo ports! Again, we were escorted by dolphins!

This is our new marina on the Ortega River and it's lovely! Our goal was to not have winter and so far it's been in the 70s during the day. It does cool off to the 50s at night, but that's okay. 

This has been a great adventure!

And we have a lovely club house!


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